Who am I?

I am William Karan, also known as WildWestTrades/CryptoWildWest online. Let me prove it to you. First, here's my old upwork profile that I carefully archived. I also archived my website and on which you can find, at the bottom, my twitter. If this isn't enough, you can check my old Medium account.

What did I do?

I scammed and lied to people whose money I managed. Here's a list of some of my deeds.
I stole around 10 BTC from a client
I refused to withdraw the 1000$ account's balance of a client
I refused to withdraw the 70000$ account's balance of another client
I accepted the withdrawal request of a client and then didn't go through it
I lost all the money of my fund, about 350k$. (At least, that's what I tell people)
I removed my fund's mention (Green Horizon) from my Linkedin 4 months before it closed

I have done more things but the list would be too long. One last, thing here's a compilation of snippets of my discussions with a client. Naturally, he never got his money back.